Peace silk crop top ARICA double layer NAED | Muga Seidentop creme handgewebt gewaltfrei
Peace silk crop top ARICA handloom cruelty-free | Muga Lagentop Seide creme handgewebt gewaltfrei

Peace silk top ARICA

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This two layered strappy top is made from 100% muga silk and stitched with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton thread. Unlike conventional silk, the fabric used for this top is from a company called Cocccon who produce their yarn in a cruelty-free way without killing the silk worm. Muga silk is a type of wild silk which is exclusively produced in the Assam region of India. It is treated as a very exclusive silk due to its naturally golden colour and shimmering texture.


This product fulfils the following sustainability criteria:


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