Pineapple fibre shoes MONIK
Pineapple fibre shoes MONIK
Pineapple fibre shoes MONIK
Pineapple fibre shoes MONIK
Pineapple fibre shoes MONIK
Nae Vegan

Pineapple fibre shoes MONIK

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Sandals made with original Piñatex®. Made in Portugal by Nae Vegan. Please note that upon adding this item to your cart you will be redirected to the page of Nae Vegan where you will be able to choose your size and complete the order (Nae Vegan offers free shipping worldwide).


What is Piñatex®?

Piñatex® is a sustainable natural textile made from the fibres of pineapple leaves. The leaves are the by-product of an existing industry - no additional land, water, fertilisers or pesticides need to be used, so the raw material has a very low environmental impact compared to other textile crops.

Unlike traditional leather production which is very toxic to both tannery workers and the environment, the production process for Piñatex® does not involve any harmful chemicals.

Piñatex® provides an additional, stable income stream to pineapple farmers who otherwise face the challenges of seasonal employment, and aims to support positive social and economic development within farming communities.



Upper: Piñatex® made from pineapple leaf fibres.

Lining: Breathable and anti-allergy microfibre. Ecological, CO2 free manufacturing system.

Outsole: Rubber.

Sizing: Order your usual size.

For Piñatex products we recommend a polishing cream which must have the same colour as the product and must be specific for the product as well. This will help to maintain the original colour and look.


This product fulfils the following sustainability criteria:


Curious about pineapple fibre? Find out more by clicking here.

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