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Peace silk thermal cushion BLOOM
Peace silk thermal cushion BLOOM
Peace silk thermal cushion BLOOM
Peace silk thermal cushion BLOOM
Peace silk thermal cushion BLOOM

Peace silk thermal cushion BLOOM

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Sustainable thermal cushion made from 100% muga peace silk, filled with cherry stones and printed with real flowers. 

The naturally cream-coloured muga silk has been printed with real flowers using a bundle-dye method. Hereby the flowers are wrapped tightly into the silk, which is then steamed for a few hours until the colours have transferred onto the fabric. Every print turns out different, making each thermal cushion truly unique.

The silk used for the thermal cushions is manufactured by Cocccon, who ensure a cruelty-free production without harming the silk worm. The production and printing of the thermal cushions is done by hand in Berlin. Due to the delicacy of the silk fabric, another layer of 100% nettle fabric has been added underneath for extra thickness.

In order to use the cushion as a heat pad, simply heat the cushion in your microwave at max. 600 Watt for a maximum of 50 seconds, or place it in the oven for approx. 5 minutes at a maximum of 100°C. The cherry stones will retain the warmth and can be used for neck tensions, stomach cramps, menstrual pains, or to simply warm you up on a cold day. In addition to that, the cushion can also be used as a cold compress for headaches and insect bites by keeping it in the freezer for approx. 30 minutes.


The hangtag consists of recycled paper with flower seeds. Put it on top of some soil and keep it moist and sunny. With a bit of luck some wildflowers will start to grow soon! 


Please note: The thermal cushion should never be heated unsupervised since there can be danger of fire if the heating process is too long or at a too high temperature. It is instead recommended to heat the cushion in short intervals and to always double check the temperature in-between.


Free gift wrapping in sustainable grass paper gift wrap available! Simply leave a note during the checkout process.


This product fulfils the following sustainability criteria:


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