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Peace silk thermal cushion AGRE
Peace silk thermal cushion AGRE
Peace silk thermal cushion AGRE

Peace silk thermal cushion AGRE

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This thermal cushion is made from 100% tussar peace silk and filled with cherry stones. The silk used for this thermal cushion is manufactured by Coccconwho ensure a cruelty-free production without harming the silk worm.

Simply heat the cushion in your microwave for a maximum of 50 seconds, or in the oven at a low temperature for approximately 5 minutes. The cherry stones will retain the warmth and can be used for neck tensions, headaches, or to simply warm you up on a cold day. In addition to that, the cushion can also be put into the freezer and used as a cold compress.

The hangtag consists of recycled paper with flower seeds. Simply put it on top of some soil and keep it moist and sunny. With a bit of luck some wildflowers will start to grow soon! 

Measurements: approx. 18cm x 20cm

Weight: approx. 240g

Cocoon and tussar silk "cake" (first picture) not included.


This product fulfils the following sustainability criteria:


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