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Banana fibre wallet NATURAL front Green Banana Paper | Bananenfaser Geldbeutel Geldbörse
Banana fibre wallet NATURAL
Banana fibre wallet NATURAL
Banana fibre wallet NATURAL
Green Banana Paper

Banana fibre wallet NATURAL

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Slim wallet from Green Banana Paper, made from 100% pure banana fibre paper. The wallet has 1 bills compartment, 4 card slots and 1 coins department. Comes with either an elastic band closure strap or magnetic snaps (choose from the drop down menu). The banana fibre paper is water & tear resistant and has been treated with a wax layer in order to increase its durability.

Green Banana Paper offer a free 1 year manufacturer's warranty for all customers who register on their website within 21 days of purchase.


Sustainably & ethically made in Micronesia

Each wallet is crafted with long golden banana fibres sourced directly from local farmers. The fibres are extracted by hand and processed without the use of harmful chemicals, and within a safe and ethical work environment. Banana fibre is rapidly renewable, biodegradable and cruelty-free.

Care instructions
Reapply any natural wax or apply clear acrylic spray to increase water-resistance and lengthen the life of your wallet.

Dimensions: 3.75 inches (9,5cm) x 8 inches (20,3cm)



This product fulfils the following sustainability criteria:


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