MAVOLU is an online platform that offers a range of carefully selected products made out of innovative materials from sustainable sources. Check out the unique range of garments, accessories and home & decor or explore the material library in order to find out more about the latest fibre innovations and future materials.

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All things weird & wonderful

The aim of MAVOLU is to offer products that are both unique and sustainable. In order to trigger a change in current production it is necessary to re-think the value of certain fibres and materials. The result? A range of carefully selected products that are innovative and unusual, and that have been created with a lot of thought and care for the environment.


Of course, the use of innovative materials isn’t the only answer to a more sustainable fashion industry. However, choosing a low impact material as the base of a product is certainly a step into the right direction. Since the fibre creation is at the very beginning of the supply chain, it can either have a negative or positive impact on all further stages of the production process and user phase – for example in terms of human toxicity for farmers, weavers and even consumers. So if a sustainable fibre choice is made to begin with, then that's already contributing a lot towards a better future in fashion.
The products that are offered on MAVOLU all have a unique selling point and show very different approaches towards a more conscious consumption. In order to keep things simple, a range of different icons can be used to navigate through the sustainability criteria, giving you the option to choose those products that are most related to your own values.


Each item from the product range is trying to challenge the perception of materialism and consumption, be it through fibre creation from waste or cruelty-free production methods. If you would like to find out more about a specific material then you should definitely check out the material library and subscribe to the newsletter for regular updates on material innovation!