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MAVOLU is an online platform for sustainable fashion, accessories and home & decor made from innovative textiles and future materials. All items in the online shop are sustainably sourced and ethically produced. 

 Details of banana fibre dress

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The aim of MAVOLU is to offer products that are both unique and sustainable, with a strong focus on less common textiles and materials. This includes products made from fibres that are relatively new to the market (such as banana fibre, apple leather, Piñatex and recycled PET), but also fibres like hemp and ramie, which have been around for quite some time and are now gaining more popularity again thanks to the rising interest in sustainable fashion. The product range is a curated selection of items that are trying to challenge the current perception of materialism and consumption, be it through fibre creation from waste or cruelty-free production methods. 


While the use of innovative materials is certainly not the only solution to a more sustainable fashion industry, the materials we choose to work with as designers (or to wear as consumers) all have a major impact on the environment and the people in the supply chain – affecting farmers, weavers, garment workers and ultimately even consumers. The aim of MAVOLU is to offer products that re-think current production patterns and the value of certain fibres and materials, with each individual brand showing their own approach towards a more conscious consumption. In order to keep things simple, a range of different icons can be used to navigate through the sustainability criteria, giving you the option to choose those products that are most related to your own values.


If you would like to find out more about these different materials then you can check out the material library for a short summary of each fibre and our blog for some more in-depth information. And of course we recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates on material innovation and new products!