Cherry Stone Pillows: A Natural Remedy All Year Round

Cherry pit pillows are well known as a natural alternative to hot water bottles and have been used as a remedy for minor health issues for centuries. They are particularly popular during the colder season due to their ability to save up heat and releasing it evenly. But also during warmer months they can easily be used as a cold pad or cold compress.

The most common fabric used for cherry stone cushions is conventional cotton, even though they can also be made from innovative materials such as recycled hemp, banana fibre, peace silk and organic cotton velvet.

Cherry stone pillow made from recycled hemp and organic cottonSustainable cherry stone cushion made from hemp 


Cherry stone pillows as heat pad

  • The warm cushions are perfect to increase blood flow and can therefore help to release muscle tensions. Especially long shaped pillows are ideal to relax the muscles in the neck and shoulder area.
  • Square and rectangular cushions are great for stomach pain and menstrual cramps and can help to ease the pain.
  • The pillows can also offer relief for simple colds when used on back, stomach, or feet.

Cherry stone pillows as cold pad

  • As a cold compress, the cushions are ideal to reduce pain of sprains or bruises.
  • They can also be used as cold pad for toothache or headaches.

Sustainable cherry stone pillows made from organic cotton velvet  Cherry stone cushion BLOOM made from tussar peace silk

How to use

Cherry pit pillows should never be heated unsupervised. It’s recommended to heat the pillows in short intervals and to shake them in-between in order to mix up the cherry stones and to avoid local overheating.

Depending on the size of the cushion the heat will decrease after approx. 15-20 minutes of usage. When reheating the pillow the remaining warmth has to be taken into consideration, and the heating time should be adjusted and shortened accordingly. It is generally recommended to let the cushion cool down entirely before reheating it.

Banana fibre cherry stone pillow Hemp cherry stone pillow HABRA

Heating your pillow in the microwave:

When heating your cushion in the microwave it's important that the microwave is clean and that the plate turns without issues. The cushions should be shaken up during the heating process in order to distribute the warmth equally and so that individual pits don’t get too hot. Generally the pillows should have a pleasant temperature after heating them for around 50 seconds at a maximum of 600 Watt. However, the heating time varies depending on the size of the cushion and the exact time should always be double checked in the instruction manual of each pillow. In addition to that it’s also important to check the instructions of the microwave and its suitability for heating up cherry stone cushions. If the manual states that the microwave is not suitable for thermal cushions then no insurance will not cover any possible damage caused by fire.

Heating your pillow in the oven:

To heat the pillow in the oven it’s best to place it flat into an ovenproof dish. It’s also important to shake the cushion in-between to distribute the cherry stones equally. Depending on the size of the pillow it should have reached a pleasant temperature after around 5 minutes at 100 degrees Celsius. The exact time should be double checked in the instruction manual of the cushion.

Heating your pillow on the radiator:

During the colder months it’s also possible to simply warm up the cushion on your heating. That way the cherry stones release a nice smell and they stay warm a bit longer.

Using your pillow as a cold pad:

In order to use the pillow as a cold pad or cold compress it's recommended to place it into the freezer for approx. 30 minutes. Shake the cushion well before using.

Cherry pit pillow made from peace silk and bundle-dyed with real leaves Cherry stone cushion printed with real leaves

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