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Hello! This is my very first blog post ever EVER, so please forgive me in case it seems like I don't know what I'm doing (I don't). To get started I thought it would probably be good to give you a small introduction of myself, what I've done with my life so far and why I've decided to start this weird & wonderful online platform called MAVOLU.

So my name is Nadja, I am 28 years old and I have a background in sustainable fashion and textile production. For my MA project I investigated alternatives to conventional silk, and went on a research trip to India in order to find out more about the production processes of peace silk, banana fibre and soy fibre. During my studies I realised that while there's a lot happening in terms of fibre research and textile innovation, it was still very difficult to gain access to products made from ground-breaking, sustainable material. I therefore decided to create a platform which would focus on exactly that: supporting innovative designers and artisans, while offering customers a range of unique, yet sustainable products. Et voilà, here it is!

Multicoloured pompom decoration in Kolkata

I will mainly use this blog to tell you a bit more about the designers who are behind all these wonderful products and to give you some further information about each fibre. There are currently eight different materials in the material library but I am planning to add a lot more products and fibre options over time. In fact, there will be some exciting new items and materials coming soon! In the meantime I hope you enjoy browsing through the product range and find some new and interesting information in the material library.

Anyway, I'm glad that you've made it to the very end of this blog entry because I hope this means that it wasn't so bad after all. If you would like to keep up to date with everything that's happening on here then please also feel free to subscribe to my newsletter. Just to let you know, I've never sent out a newsletter before either, but hopefully I'll be able to figure it out ;)

Have a nice weekend!


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