From Waste to Value: Banana Fibre for Fashion and Textiles

Banana fibre

Banana fibre counts as a bast fibre and has relatively good mechanical properties. However, the use of banana fibre for textiles has not yet been researched widely, and the literature on its use for the fashion industry is somewhat limited. Bananas count as one of the most important global food crop and are currently cultivated in around 129 different countries, with India contributing approximately 15% of the total fruit production worldwide. Banana fibre is produced from the 'pseudo stem' of the banana plant, which would usually be burnt or left to rot (apart from a small amount that is fed to...

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Meet the Designer: Marina Kleist


One of the main goals of this blog is to introduce the designers and brands that are behind the products offered on MAVOLU. I have therefore sent out a few quick questions as a guideline and have asked the designers to tell us a bit about themselves and their background. This series starts off with Marina Kleist, a 24 year old accessories designer who is originally from France and has recently started her own brand 'Marina Kleist'.     How did you get into bags and sustainability? I have always seen my grandmothers sewing or knitting and subconsciously, I think it influenced my career. I did my...

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Cruelty-free Fashion: Peace Silk

Peace silk

I already mentioned in the previous post that I did some research on possible alternatives and substitutes to conventional silk as part of my MA studies. This blog post will focus on peace silk, a more sustainable option than conventional silk both in terms of animal welfare and the environment. But first of all, what exactly is wrong with conventional silk production? Similar to other industries, there have been many attempts to optimise the silk industry in order to gain more fibre and therefore achieve higher profits. And similar to other industries, silk manufacturing has mostly been taken out of its...

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All Things Weird & Wonderful

Hello! This is my very first blog post ever EVER, so please forgive me in case it seems like I don't know what I'm doing (I don't). To get started I thought it would probably be good to give you a small introduction of myself, what I've done with my life so far and why I've decided to start this weird & wonderful online platform called MAVOLU. So my name is Nadja, I am 28 years old and I have a background in sustainable fashion and textile production. For my MA project I investigated alternatives to conventional silk, and went on a...

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